Issue #4(29) август month 2014 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 26 September 2014г.

Power and administration in society  All articles in the headings

The Russian Soviet state-civilization. Article one (Metaphysical rethinking of identity of the modern Russian society)
Loskutov V.A. 6199

Public and municipal management  All articles in the headings

Implementation of innovations in the sphere of civil service: problems and factors
Dubinenkova E.N. , Ivanova N.L. 30317

Social audit of quality and accessibility of public services in Sverdlovsk region
Zerchaninova T.E. , Shipitsina Yu.M. 6395

Experience of innovative activity control of high-tech cities
Kuzmin A.I. , Lanskikh V.N. , Patrusheva S.B. 5145

Abuse of power by a person holding a power position of the subject of the Russian Federation
Sultanov I.V. 7680

Assessment of efficiency of local power bodies as the main factor of territories development
Komarevtseva О.О. , Ovchinnikova O.P. 10535

Happiness index in municipal government: post-industrial aspect
Arzhanuhin S.V. 6215

Problem of marginalization of urban population in modern Russia
Pestova G.A. 4907

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

. Investment matrix as a basis of inter-regional cooperation (exemplified by Siberian Federal Area)
Kiselyova A.M. , Samodinskiy K.A. 6126

System-based characteristics of ratings containing assessment of entrepreneurial and investing climate: ranking of Russia
Bondarenko I.V. , Knyazeva I.V. 13947

Assessment of motivating and stimulating influence of social allowances for development of sole proprietorship of the region
Snegiryova T.K. 3680

Development strategy of a medical organization in an updating period
Kozlova O.A. , Krivenko N.V. , Kuznetsova N.L. 19853

Human resources management  All articles in the headings

Social control in the informative society: new opportunities of inter-subjective cooperation
Kondov K.V. 4890

Sustantiation of rational policy of population employment of municipal entities
Milyayeva L.G. , Povarov A.V. , Prokolov I.V. 3318

Staff participation in management of the organisation
Nushtaikina K.V. 5301

Problems of the sphere labor safety in the Russian economy of Russia and ways of their solving: from job appraisal to special assessment of labor conditions
Feldman M.A. 5637

Social management, processes and institutions  All articles in the headings

Civil control in modern Russia as a subject of sociological research
Grosheva I.A. , Kostin V.A. 3675

Social potential of civil participation in local self-government as a method of municipal management development
Klyuchnikova T.N. 4852

Definition of efficiency of social services provision – innovative way of management of social systems
Durandina O.A. , Razorvin I.V. 4010

Social aspects of competitiveness of an enterprise
Klimova A.V. 7691

Administration of legislative processes  All articles in the headings

Sketch to B.N. Chicherin’s portrait: political and legal views
Vidrin I.V. 4133

Management of codification processes of civil legislation of Russia at a time of reform of Peter I (1700-1725)
Taraborin R.S. 4014

The managerial aspects of legal registration of the formation of the system of international relations (XVII – XIX cc.)
Tretyakova E.S. 3812

Right to information: nature and specificity of development in modern world
Minbaleyev A.V. 6171

Notion, types and meaning of documents as sources of evidence on cases of administrative offences
Kutsenko T.M. 6920

Management issues of objects use: general characteristics
Guzaeva G.A. 3174

Chronical of scientific life  All articles in the headings


Power and administration in society  All articles in the headings

Pravomonarhizm and the reform of public administration in the early 20th century
Ivakin G.A. 3270