Issue #3(28) июнь month 2014 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 28 August 2014г.

Public and municipal management  All articles in the headings

Specific features of public administration in the field of culture
Ponkin I.V. 12859

Analysis of regulatory influence of the directions of increasing efficiency of the state control over economic activity in Ukraine
Vlasov V.A. 5898

Formation of the “the open budget” in the Russian Federation: long-term plans and first results
Turgel I.D. 8963

Public policy strategies in housing and utilities sector (considering foreign experience)
Bobrovskaya N.I. , Kusina S.I. 9675

Importance of state services in the realization of basic human rights
Shulakova A.A. 8877

Innovative marketing technologies in municipal management
Durandina O.A. , Razorvin I.V. 6351

On the concept of evidence in the constitutional litigation
Golovkova A.Yu. 6961

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

To the problem of evaluation of the role of state in the process of market economy development
Abramov R.A. 5185

On structural efficiency of the balanced macroeconomic system and directions of its development
Vladimirov S.A. 4353

Theoretical and practical aspects of applying the norms of the antimonopoly legislation on the ban for combining functions of business entities and powers of public bodies
Istomin V.G. 6288

Monitoring and methods of assessing the level of socially responsible activities of machine-building enterprises
Sukhoterina M.I. 4541

Innovative directions of modern tourism industry formation in Russia
Voskolovitch N.A. , Nikolaev-Pasukhin S.I. 4147

Assessment of strategies and programs in the system of state planning of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Nigmetov K.K. 5377

Russian-Kazakhstan border areas: current status and development problems
Bozhko L.L. 4524

Resource management as the basis of inter-regional economic integration
Donichev O.A. , Saralidze A.M. 4180

Innovative potential of a region: current state, problems, development goals
Kostko N.A. 4212

Brand management method at the regional consumer market
Vereteno A.A. 5153

New mechanisms of evaluating investment projects of territorial development
Ilin A.S. 3592

Human resources management  All articles in the headings

Assessment of motivational competence of civil servants
Zelinskyi S.E. 6577

Transformation of approaches to personnel training: values of “Y” generation
Rozhavskaya A.A. 9428

Communicative technologies in professional group activities
Makovich G.V. 11982

Innovative activity of domestic state civil servants as a social –professional group
Popova O.I. 3707

Social management, processes and institutions  All articles in the headings

Public-political participation of citizens and civil society structures as a mechanism of political governance in Ukraine
Podzolkov Yu.A. 3442

Social identity in the context of the modernization of Ukrainian society
Kondratieva N.A. 4014

the problem of studying the concept of “society” in sociology
Khoroshkevitch N.G. 7908

Managerial diagnostics of child abuse: empirical research
Berzin B.Yu. , Kopytova K.S. 4115

Social function of the State in labour law
Ivantchina Yu.V. 4331

Universal nature of social security and social risks
Istomina E.A. 5422

Implementation of decent work concept in modern Russia: sociological survey
Kudrin A.S. 7328

Defining the labour-legal status of academic teaching staff (analysis of Russian and foreign legislation on scientific and technical activity)
Vorontsov D.I. , Shevchenko O.A. 5936

Legal personality of minors as an element of the constitutional status of individuals
Evstifeev D.M. 6087

Chronical of scientific life  All articles in the headings

First all-Russian Congress of elitologicheskiy about modern Russian political elite and its modernization
Vorontsov S.A. , Ponedelkov A.V. 5140