Issue #2(27) апрель month 2014 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 14 August 2014г.

Power and administration in society  All articles in the headings

Management of unfreedom (disciplinary model for the development of modern russian society)
Loskutov V.A. 5916

Marx's theory of revolution in the social thought context of the XX century in Europe
Schulz E.E. 8403

Parliamentary representation in the political theory of the XVII-XIX centuries
Novikov D.V. , Ruchkin A.V. , Salamin E.E. 5155

Public administration and local government  All articles in the headings

Formation of a personnel reserve for public service in the Russian Federation
Neumivako V.A. 13874

The characteristics of the implementation procedure of the removal from the post of the president of the Russian Federation
Karasev A.T. , Mamaeva Ya.Yu. 12570

Constitutional court of Russian Federation - of constitutional legal (constitutional) responsibility of the President of Russian Federation, of State Duma of federal assemblyandit'sdeputies
Krysanov A.V. 7731

Essence and forms of parliamentary control in the Russian Federation
Gizdatov A.R. 9865

Sphere of activity of the antimonopoly authorities and their officials as economic and legal construction
Ablyamitov R.Sh. 5671

Criminal law statistics in ethnic crime criminological research
Kuzmina N.V. 7798

Margin analysis in cost management of public services
Gulyaev P.V. 4154

Unequal distribution of income and cost of different types of municipalities in RF: a comparative analysis
Turgel I.D. 7745

The effectiveness evaluation of the local government staff performance
Shamarova G.M. 13036

Issues of methodology and practice of implementing budgetary policies by local governments
Kachanova E.A. , Matveeva E.V. 5056

Control of social-economic development of districts  All articles in the headings

Modern theoretical approaches to the concept of open national innovation system
Peshina E.V. , Avdeev P.A. 8985

Outlook integration of securities markets in the CIS countries
Bagdasaryan A.M. 3714

On the management of investment opportunities in the region
Fraimovich D.V. , Nikolina A.K. 3648

Cluster form of industrial-innovative development of the territories
Vechkinzova E.A. 5889

Clusters in culture: the need for the formation and characteristics of creation
Saprykina A.N. 9450

Research and innovation potential as key factors of economic development in northern border region
Tishkov S.V. 5682

Social management, processes and institutions  All articles in the headings

Service of the public service and transformation strategies for social policy: an analysis of Western European experience
Bolshakova Yu.M. 6030

The protection of the rights of citizens who have lost their homes as a result of the demolition of unauthorized constructions
Chelysheva N.Yu. 7702

Youth as strategic socio-demographic resources of Russia and the European Union
Rostovskaya T.K. 7492

National interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran: conceptual approaches
Sherdust E.A. 4173

Status disparity of social group of small business owners as a factor of the shadowness of the russian economy
Yudina А.А. 3870

Modern industrial workers in the mirror of post-industrial modernization
Kuragin V.S. , Feldman M.A. 3587

Juvenile delinquency in republic of dagestan and problems of its warnings
Shakhbanova Kh.M. 4775

Human Resources management  All articles in the headings

On the issue of forming a personnel training system for enterprise

Value-semantic determinants of professional "I" of middle managers: research results
Rensh M.A. , Lesyk A.V. 5952

Distinction workplace and place of work
Kruze A.V. 11580

About the need to define principles of the prohibition of discrimination in employment
Glotova I.A. 8640

Education management  All articles in the headings

State-public management of education: interim results and prospects
Nechaeva S.V. , Shibanova E.K. 14120

Comparative sociological analysis methods to assess the innovation potential of graduates of Russian and Austrian gymnasiums
Kuznetsova Yu.M. , Tchevtayeva N.G. , Rogulev A.I. 4608

Methodological difficulties realization of professional standards for the training of state and municipal employees
Gorb V.G. 7774