Issue #1(26) февраль month 2014 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 29 May 2014г.

Power and society  All articles in the headings

«Red lines» of ideology and the ideology of «red lines» (modern russian power in search of conservatism)
Loskutov V.A. 6943

Political strategizing in the Arctic zone of Russia as a mechanism of steady growth
Kondral D.P. 5710

Institutes of state control over religion in post-Soviet Buryatiya
Belkova A.A. 5306

Peculiarities of territorial division and self-government system in the United States of America
Balynskaya N.R. 6053

Power and population: aspects of cooperation on a municipal level
Zaborova E.N. 17444

Teenagers as a subject and object of informational process
Lebedeva S.V. 4721

Experience of pacific settlement of armed conflicts between the power and the opposition in the Southern Urals region in 1920-1922
Pankin S.I. 4459

State regulation of economy  All articles in the headings

Analysis of modern tendencies in protectionism development withinthe context of trajectory of the previous development
Bodnarchuk T.L. 7943

Fiscal deficit, ways and methods of its overcoming in Ukrain
Nechayuk I.B. 10364

Objectives, contradictions and dynamics of implementation of the course of innovative modernization of social-economic systems
Fraimovich D.V. 3213

Regional economy and management  All articles in the headings

Differentiation of innovative capacity of regions and state support of innovative development (exemplified by the subjects of the Southern federation districts)
Molchanov I.N. , Moltchanova N.P. 7612

Development of territorial potential on the basis of knowledge-based economy
Novikova K.A. 5259

Analysis of investment quote to the basic capital of business structures in the regions of the Russian Federation
Pinkovetskaya Yu.S. 7474

Analysis of labor market according to the most required training courses in the energy industry in the Northern Caucasian Federal district
Sergeyeva E.A. , Plotnitskaya E.E. 6743

Social stratification and social inequality  All articles in the headings

Constitutional conceptualization of formal and real justice
Presnyakov M.V. 4766

Problem of justice in the modern Russian society
Rudenkin V.N. 21369

Mitrants’ integration is an effective way for elimination of inequality and zenophobia in the host country
Iontsev V.A. 7668

Growth of economic inequality in Russia: social-political consequences
Akjulov R.I. 9366

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Assessment of versions of integrational cooperation in the bread production chains (exemplified by Orenburg region)
Ermakova Zh.A. , Andreyeva T.V. 4967

Development of integrated management system as an innovation project at fuel and petrochemical refinery
Bunkovskiy D.V. 5139

Development of methodical approach towards the assessment of resources potential of the enterprises in the forest industry sector
Duyzen E.Yu. 13198

Application of mathematical machinery of goal achievement problem theory for the assessment of potential level of business development
Frum O.L. 4544

Research of service industry competitiveness (exemplified by catering business)
Cheimetova V.A. , Setenyova O.N. 29301

Public service personnel1  All articles in the headings

Influence of individual factors on professional development of civil servants
Bushuyeva I.P. , Bogdan N.N. 14705

Open source data of state government bodies: the Russian and foreign experience
Kamalova G.R. 6959

Informative-communicative competence of civil servants: diagnostics of the main indices
Kumeiko D.S. 12332

Ecology and effective resource conservation  All articles in the headings

Realization of the Federal Law “On wastes of production and consumtion”
Ostrovskiy N.V. 4945

Transformation of the regional system of ecological management as organizing cost-effective use of resources
Dvinin D.Yu. 5244

Government control in the sphere of ecology using political mechanisms of riskogenical factors rejection
Uvarova G.G. 4072