Issue #4(25) декабрь month 2013 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 12 March 2014г.

Power and society  All articles in the headings

Civil society in modern Russia, problems of formation and functioning
Kruchinin V.N. 15643

Axiological characteristics of law as means of legal culture democratization in the Ukrainian society
Karas’ A.G. 4920

Public administration transparency and crowdsourcing as factors of Russia's economy development
Sholdyshev V.M. 6988

of powers: specific features and problems
Baluckaya G.A. 8928

Modern society: dialectics of management and regulation
Antoshin V.A. 6531

The birth of political space: from physical image to dynamic system
Gurary E.M. 5040

The Russian specifics of forming a political image
Semina M.S. 7938

Analysis of formal awarding institutions and informal awarding practices in the present day Russia
Pestova G.A. , Ruchkin A.V. 5451

Virtualization of management: state, economy, environment  All articles in the headings

Specific features of the social control implementation in sociological theories of information society
Kondov K.V. 5122

Open government of the Ukraine: from closed nature to partnership
Kruk N.V. 3640

Proactive disclosure of information and reciprocal responsibility as tools of public administration
Limareva D.A. 4037

Topical problems of electronic document management in the bodies of power
Kuznetsova E.V. 67375

State regulation of economy  All articles in the headings

Analysis of the modern electric power industry structure
Gibadullin A.A. 8610

Analysis of key indicators of the regulated securities market in the Republic of Armenia
Bagdasaryan A.M. 4678

On the need to develop the agrofood policy in the region
Maltsev N.V. 3220

Innovations in the law on contract system in the field of goods, works and services procurement for state and municipal needs
Polbitsyna L.G. 4098

Antitrast requirements for granting public and municipal preferences
Istomin V.G. 7365

Regional economy and management  All articles in the headings

Factor and cluster analysis of tax income in the regions of the Russian Federation
Balakin R.V. , Malkina M.U. 9068

Integration processes in the CIS: the role of regional organizations
Nitsevich V.F. , Ogneva V.V. 6815

The practice of the budget sector reform implementation in the Ural Federal District
Zhilina E.A. , Kachanova E.A. 4169

«Shortfall» in municipalities’ income in land relations
Korolev S.N. 3973

Social solidarity as a mono-town development problem: typological approach
Barazgova E.S. , Likhacheva L.S. 5789

Demography and social policy  All articles in the headings

Measuring the social category of poverty in African countries
Atchade M.N. 7402

Demographics: Russian village and Tajik migrant
Ulmasov R.U. 3331

Demographic features of urban development of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District in the 90-s of XX - early XXI century
Orudzhiyeva A.G. 9202

Socio-historical determinants of the Russian social policy development regarding the «elderly»
Vasilyeva E.N. , Mosina O.A. 4676

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Formation of the venture capital sources system
Kuznetsova M.N. 7982

Conditions of developing corporate culture in organizations
Pesha A.V. 7459

Risk management in road transport companies
Tokhirov T.I. 8732

Specific expenses calculation in conditions of accounting process standardization
Tarnovskaya Yu.S. 11603

Grading system as a tool of the «Uralkali - Repair» personnel labor management
Voronina L.P. , Yazeva M.A. 85225

Professional group event managers: a sociological analysis
Startseva N.N. 7078

Education as a modernization factor   All articles in the headings

Ratings as comparative assessment of universities for solving management tasks at national level
Еfimova I.N. 9543

Regulatory support of higher education reform in Ukraine
Dniprov A.S. 5848

Establishing innovative policy in educational institutions within research and educational network
Davidova N.N. 6741

Implementation of the audit system of professional training institution management to increase competitiveness of graduates
Vasilyev S.V. 3576

Law-students educational activities motivation: stage of the process
Huzina A.H. 6692

Amateur art as a factor of forming positive social experience of a person
Alexandrova E.V. 7339

Labor law  All articles in the headings

On the problem of reforming legislation on the old age pension coverage in Russia
Istomina E.A. 5765

Functions, goals and objectives of labor law: issues of interaction
Ivantchina Yu.V. 6964

Criminal law and criminal procedure  All articles in the headings

System of punishment in Sweden: basics of criminal policy
Veibert S.I. 8564

Jury trial as a problem solving tool of the Russian judicial system
Shukyurov A.T. 5345

Prospective trends of improving institutional and legal support to the system of prevention and combating extremism in Ukraine
Vasilchuk E.O. 3973

Prospects of counteracting corruption in modern Russia
Pozdnjakova L.A. 4194

New «conventional» right of a deputy to visitdetention facilities
Litvinova A.V. , Savoskin A.V. 3714