Issue #3(24) сентябрь month 2013 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 30 October 2013г.

  All articles in the headings

“The Russian world” outside Russia: from the history of its development
Tsepilova V.I. 5487

“Concept “modernization” in political discourse of modern Russia: problem of interpretation
Sonina E.O. 5518

Institute of lobbyism in political system from a perspective of neo-institutional approach
Dospan E.O. 8115

On the essence of new strengthening of cooperation between the Church and power in Russia
Katin V.I. 6132

Perspectives and institutional basis for the development of the RF national policy after 2012
Trusov M.A. 5159

Power and society  All articles in the headings

the issue of hybrid forms of government in modern world
Mironenko P.V. 9071

Soviet and Russian state: similarities and differences
Yershov Yu.G. 6392

Principles of simulation and transformation of ideological paradigm of a political process
Postol E.E. 5549

Liberals’ opinion on a defining role of a law supremacy principle in establishing a legal state
Karipov B.N. 5809

Managerial discourse as a particular type of institutional discourse (linguistic aspect)
Yudina O.L. 8483

Society of knowledge - myth or reality? Estimates of foreign researchers
Filippovskaya T.V. 4288

Sociological analysis of generations: scientific heritage and modern situation
Vlasova O.I. 16063

State social and economic policy of CIS countries  All articles in the headings

From experience of Russian and Kazakh democratization in conditions of political modernization
Zhumasultanova G.A. , Mamirova K.T. 5462

Economic and demographic safety of the state: modern challenges and dangers
Akjulov R.I. 29834

Trust to the power as a formation factor of positive Ukrainian image
Semtchenko A.A. 6476

Modern trends of media politics development in Ukraine
Volyanskiy V.V. , Silenko A.A. 4104

Specificity of civil service career (exemplified by Kazakhstan Republic)
Neumivako V.A. 4110

Regional economy and policy  All articles in the headings

State programs of finding a real sector: practice of economy revival in the Eastern Germany
Sabitov A.R. 4309

Actualization of the strategy of regional social and economic development
Annenkova A.A. , Gorbov V.A. 6136

Financial provision of institutes of multi-industry territories development
Pyankova S.G. 4573

Cooperation of power and business in managing housing and public complex of the region
Filatov V.A. 4788

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Strategy of a company: concept of integration of automated analytics
Sizyakov E.I. , Snegiryova T.K. 8987

Gender peculiarities of small business in Russia: on the issue about the degree of problem development
Yudina А.А. 6637

Application of imitating modeling for analysis of activity of electricity generating companies (exemplified by LLC “Gazprom Energoholding”)
Fedorov D.V. 3721

Structural-functionalist paradigm as the theoretical foundation of management corporate education
Kliman S.V. , Kostin V.A. 5471

Topical issues of the development of the Russian higher education system  All articles in the headings

Isolation as breaking social bonds: consequences of social changes as a challenge for transgression pedagogy
Bochnia B.. 4461

Internet as a resource for independent study of a student
Belyayeva O.S. 4114

Types and kinds of educational policy in the light of the project theory
Duran T.V. 4049

Expert estimate of the process and results of reforming higher vocational education
Popov D.V. 7029

Constitutional and administrative right  All articles in the headings

Some problems of equal access to constitutional (statutory) jurisdiction
Khvastunov K.V. 5285

Subjects of the constitutional right to judicial protection of the rights and freedoms of human and citizen
Astratova S.N. 7181

Problems of statutory and regulatory control of issues in documents of identification for foreign citizens in the Russian Federation
Medyakov T.S. , Stepanov K.V. 12379

Civil and criminal law: theory and practice  All articles in the headings

The Russian citizen law of XVIII-XIX cc. in modern historical-regulatory idea
Taraborin R.S. 6780

Adjudication of disputes in arbitrary courts about the right on domain names and other individualization means
Drumlevitch A.M. 4653

Major approaches to establishment of criminal responsibility for specific types of fraud in the European continental system of law
Veibert S.I. 7562