Issue #1(22) март month 2013 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 30 May 2013г.

Power and society  All articles in the headings

Improvement of relations between civil society and state
Abirov M.S. 9434

Internal political image of Ukraine as a tool to manage public opinion
Semtchenko A.A. 5352

Electoral expectations of population as a factor of influence on formation of power bodies
Veretennikov A.S. 6472

Mass-media in management of reputational regional capital
Bolshakov S.N. , Grigoryev A.N. 7310

Research of mass culture in foreign sociology
Khoroshkevitch N.G. 20587

Public service personnel1  All articles in the headings

Modern status and dynamics of staff potential formation in state and municipal service
Kurshiyeva N.M. 81077

Career of a civil servant: problems of management and building
Klimova A.V. , Terekhova T.M. 46447

On measurement of communicative activity efficiency in state government (sociological analysis)
Karpenko E.V. 6714

Modernization of appraisal procedures of state civil servants in Yamal-Nenets autonomous area
Sokolova I.B. 7555

Regional economy and policy  All articles in the headings

Regional development control: essence and transformation necessity in conditions of the country economy modernization
Shagiyeva I.T. 11876

Elements of formal institutes in organization of regional industrial policy
Bashkirtsev A.S. , Makovkina S.A. 6415

Potentialities to increase innovative competitiveness of nizhniy Novgorod region using the cluster approach
Batrak V.S. , Golubtsov A.N. 5504

Improvement of regional policy in developing infrastructure of regional innovative system in Karelia Republic
Tishkov S.V. 4190

Tourist attractiveness of the region: notion, content, major principles of development
Slavin V.V. 17466

Management of social and economic development of municipal entities  All articles in the headings

Content and conditions of a communicative and self-organized model of local power formation
Bezvikonnaya E.V. 5989

Reformation of local self-government in nizhniy Novgorod region: problematic issues and solution approach
Eregina A.G. 6270

Problems of improving municipal social security for urban and rural households
Voskolovitch N.A. , Sekriyer V.M. 5966

Complex system of the city image development by the means of territorial marketing
Romanenko V.Yu. , Cherkasova V.Yu. 16230

Corporative social policy and private-state partnership development  All articles in the headings

Analysis of trends and common factors of the state-private partnership in the Russian Federation
Sokolov S.L. 32375

Peculiarities of legal provision and realization of state-private partnership in Peru
Sazonov V.E. 4486

Development perspectives of the state-private partnership forms in Khanty-Mansi autonomous area - Yugra
Volchkova A.Yu. 6467

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Labor resources in Russia: quality problems
Mikhalitsina Yu.V. , Ryabkov V.A. 8980

Methodological principles of forming the evaluation model of steady development of knowledge-intensive production
Fyodorova L.A. 11358

Learning alliance as the organizational form of new knowledge creation for improving the competitiveness of the steel companies
Budlyanskaya D.D. , Vyshegorodskiy D.V. 12745

Productive potential of a machine-building enterprise as a monitoring object in market economy
Sukhoterina M.I. 5778

Students’ training for team-work as an upcoming trend of economic growth
Okuneva V.S. 3738

Constitutional and municipal law  All articles in the headings

Constitutional law in Russia: in pursuit of own subject
Vidrin I.V. 7372

Topical issues of the constitutional justice
Nesmeyanova S.E. 10697

Factor of ethnic identity and formation of ethnic-national states
Bleshchik A.V. 6038

Constitutional-legal analysis of regulating municipal elections in the Russian Federation
Elkina A.V. , Zakharov I.V. 4531

Administrative and ecological law  All articles in the headings

System of principles of administrative-legal migration regime
Benitskiy A.M. 5512

Law-budget optimization of drinking water consumption on the territory of settlements (organizational-legal aspects)
Korolev S.N. 3408

Labor and civil law. Social security law  All articles in the headings

Protection of personal data in labor relations: sertain problems
Stanskova U.M. 9869

Priority of an employee’s health protection as a condition of an ideal correlation of social and productive function of labor law
Viklyuk A.M. , Ivantchina Yu.V. 9158

On the question of the notion and meaning of social standards in the sphere of labor and social security
Bondareva E.S. 12289

Social risk of disability and methods of its compensation: effectiveness of the working legislation
Istomina E.A. 8060