Issue #3(20) сентябрь month 2012 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 20 March 2013г.

Power and society  All articles in the headings

Functioning of legal information in mass-media of the global world
Balynskaya N.R. 5724

Electoral behavior of the youth: why don’t young people go to the polls?
Betekhtina A.V. , Olukhov N.V. 48322

Consumer-related behavior: theoretical and methodological basics for its study
Karmanov A.A. , Piskunova L.P. 19715

About rationality of a social organization from the point of view of universum sociological theory of rationality
Trufanov D.O. 5684

Comparative dynamics of human resources reproduction in industrial regions of the ural federal region
Akjulov R.I. 5104

Regional economy and policy  All articles in the headings

State support of social infrastructure reforming in regions
Belikova N.V. 6348

Major trends and background for renovation of regional development policy
Migunova G.S. 5933

Forming and development of industrial-innovative infrastructure in a border-zone
Bozhko L.L. 5293

State regulation of market economy  All articles in the headings

Problems of securities market regulation in the countries with transition economy
Bagdasaryan A.M. 5410

Conceptual approaches to the contents determination of public sector economy in conditions of budgetary reforms in Russia
Zhilina E.A. 10925

Non-state pension funds in Russia: peculiarities and perspectives of functioning
Rakova S.S. 15230

Technological modernization and tax policy
Murzov I.A. 5168

Topical issues of education and health-care development  All articles in the headings

Improvement of economic management in the sphere of innovative activity of higher school
Kulikova Yu.P. 5986

The role of educational establishments in the development of local communities
Liska A.G. 4808

Application of a network approach to management of universities development
Shevtchenko V.Ya. 6483

Development of the system controlling innovative activity of research institutions in the modern scientific-educational network
Davidova N.N. 5427

Modernization strategy of dermatovenerologic service in the RF subject exemplified by SWOT-analysis
Мishina O.S. 11409

Usage of the model controlling organization-economic changes and information-economic systems in health-care
Krivenko N.V. 6170

Administrative law  All articles in the headings

Corruption in public-legal environment (current state and problem)
Kuleshov I.V. 7364

The history of development of legislation and establishment of administrative responsibility in the field of consumer protection
Martynova Ya.N. 10023

Criminal law  All articles in the headings

“Fraud is punishable” principle of law in the russian civil law: comparative-legal analysis
Semitko A.P. 4389

Retrospective analysis of official powers abuse and exceed authority (on the basis of the decree of the plenum of the RF supreme court dated march 30, 1990 and decree of the plenum of the RF supreme court dated october 16, 2009)
Grishin D.A. , Sultanov I.V. 19455

The concept and classification of criminal offences under the criminal law of individual countries of the European union
Veibert S.I. 9353

Labor and civil law. Social security law  All articles in the headings

Theory of defects in labor law
Zhiltsov M.A. 11755

Implementation of international principles of labor law in the acts of the EurAsEc member states exemplified by social partnership (participation in strikes)
Nushtaikina K.V. 4448

Determination of labor experience: topical issues of law inforcement
Menkenov A.V. 13019

Social work within the context of legal regulation
Vidrin I.V. , Vidrina I.I. 7230

On the question of social risks classification
Istomina E.A. 14707