Issue #2(19) апрель month 2012 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 18 February 2013г.

Power and society  All articles in the headings

Legal regulation of interrelation among political subjects in Russia at a modern stage of development
Borisov A.N. 6513

Monopolism in the modern russian politics (causal analysis)
Novikov D.V. 6097

Extremism and tolerance in socio-cultural worldview: place and role in social relations
Andronov I.S. , Egorov M.I. 6268

The origins of civil society as an economic category, its influence on economic processes management
Subbotin V.O. 8219

Reform and strategic planning in government administration: a comparative analysis
Kostin V.A. , Kostina N.B. 6578

The problems of social policy development regarding elderly people
Kuvshinova O.A. 6285

Specific features of the public family policy implemented by «Edinaya Rossiya» party in the period of 2004-2012
Тitov D.M. 6127

On the essence and dynamics factors of the state awards in modern russia: institutional analysis
Pestova G.A. , Ruchkin A.V. 5468

Diagnostics of managerial competence of the civil servants in belgorod region
Тurchanina Yu.A. 10885

Skills development for the innovation economy: problems and solutions
Kolegova E.D. , Mavrina I.N. , Mokronosov A.G. , Fedorov V.A. , Hamatnurov F.T. 14120

Virtualization of management: state, economy, environment  All articles in the headings

Virtual activity of governors in blogosphere
Мaiseeva E.V. 4348

On the issue of defining the term «information services» in the field of public administration on the basis of regulatory acts of the Ukraine and the legislation of the CIS countries
Каrpenko А.V. 5753

The evolution of selling forms: traditional, distant, on-line
Kotlyarov I.D. 11418

State regulation of market economy  All articles in the headings

The content of the constitutional right to compete
Sidelnikov M.A. 5782

Assessment of the budget and the fiscal multiplier for the planning of public-legal entities of Russia in the medium term
Kachanova E.A. 6993

The problems of economic growth and development of the securities market in countries with transition economy
Bagdasaryan A.M. 4608

Strategic enterprises in the RF system of the public property management
Мartynenko T.V. 12252

The rational system of environmental and economic indicators of management of the industrial fishing sustainable development
Tropnikova N.L. 4543

Regional economy and policy  All articles in the headings

Transparency rating of the Russian regions
Sedinkin M.A. 6554

Analysis of the Sverdlovsk region public bodies efficiency
Rakhmeeva I.I. 8989

Experience of implementation of the small and medium enterprises development program in the Khanty-Mansi autonomous okrug - Ugra
Voronina L.P. , Мigranova Z.R. 7330

Separation of fishing industry problem zones to elaborate development strategies (exemplified by the Primorskji krai)
Кlyuchnik E.K. 4313

The role of the border regional - industrial interaction in the system of economic relations of countries of the common economic space
Knyazeva I.V. 4873

Strategic development of the retail sector: federal, regional and local level
Turgel I.D. , Usova N.V. 10727

Methodology to evaluate effectiveness of the regional policy in the socio-demographic sphere
Akjulov R.I. 6265

Social-economic development of municipal entities in the Russian Federation  All articles in the headings

Social control in the local government system
Аntipjev K.A. 17562

Methodology of the investment policy development in the mono-specialised mining towns
Biserov Э.A. 5031

Formation of knowledge space of a municipal entity
Chernousov M.V. 4574

Business organization as a perspective development trend of municipal areas
Аndreeva E.L. , Glukhikh P.L. 9032

Contradictions of development of social infrastructure in the small town of Middle Ural
Krivova D.A. 18414

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Modern approaches to the theory of marketing interaction
Larkina N.G. 11960

Innovative projects management on the shop floor using the criterion of economic stability retention
Suleimanova Yu.M. 7820

Comparative analysis of the practices of monitoring the activities of financial organizations
Polushina O.S. 12785

Social and economic aspect of the “Labor” category
Sukhova O.V. 7681

Analysis on personnel appraisal activity in retrospective
Platonova N.A. 8551

Theory and history of sociology  All articles in the headings

Knowledge management: classical ideals of managerial behavior rationality
Arzhanuhin S.V. 7696

Background of culture of consumption formation
Ilyin A.N. 5082

Social-evolutionary paradigm in social science
Skorobogackii V.V. 3954

Problem characteristics of modern business society and the impact on his development in the scientific literature
Kuragin V.S. , Feldman M.A. 6415

Society of antagonist awareness: concept substantiation
Filippovskaya T.V. 5237

Social services  All articles in the headings

Methodical approaches to efficiency appraisal of marketing activity on social services market
Razorvin I.V. , Shemetova N.K. 13961

“Autonomy”: labeling symbol or real practice of event-specialists groups formation
Startseva N.N. 5988

Sporting activity in leasure time of the russians: social and managerial aspect
Vavilov P.V. , Zabolotnaya G.M. 6533

Sociology of education  All articles in the headings

Readiness of applicants and students to be included into the process of structural modernization of higher education: empiric diagnosis
Barazgova E.S. , Tchernikh N.A. 6464

Corporative university as one of the classical medical universities structures
Ponomaryova O.N. 5799

School as a resource for elder generation socialization
Rumyantseva E.S. 7830

Sociological analysis of students’ motives for getting qualitative education
Kuznetsova Yu.M. , Tchevtayeva N.G. 4493

Labor and civil law. Social security law  All articles in the headings

Cancellation of a labor agreement in connection with changing the owner of the organization property: problems of interaction between labor and civil legislation
Golovina S.Yu. , Maifait A.V. 13427

About some problems of social security of the RF judges
Vasilyeva A.S. 8292

Peculiarities of labor law status of medical workers in modern conditions
Zhiltsova Yu.V. 10648

Systematization of legislation on social security: foreign experiens
Istomina E.A. , Kuznetsov D.S. , Silkina E.A. , Shaikhatdinov B.Sh. 14204

Some principles of legal regulation of payments for employees of educational institutions
Kozina E.V. 4938

Legal nature of separate measures of responsibility for law violation on competition protection
Istomin V.G. 10610

On the question of the respect to the functions of labor law
Ivantchina Yu.V. 7905

About legal regulation of young cadre for civil servants in foreign countries
Dyomin А.А. 9095

About legal regulation of young cadre for civil servants in foreign countries
Dyomin А.А. 6320

Criminal process. Issues of countermeasures to corruption  All articles in the headings

Problem of interpreters’ competence in a criminal process
Vinnikov A.V. 11170

Corruption during the soviet period of the russian society development: transformation features of anticorruption policy mechanisms
Shediy M.V. 19571

Formation of intolerance to the corruption behavior in a society (within the framework of responsibilities of local power bodies)
Klisheva А.Е. 12903