Issue #4(17) декабрь month 2011 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 26 April 2012г.

Power and society  All articles in the headings

European practice of citizenship education development
Suslov A.B. 9597

Specifics of the modern political discourse development: the implication of the metaphorical term making
Nezhdanov D.V. 13589

Efficient public management in social sector: sociological research
. 11827

Theoretical-methodological analysis of the “xenophobia” notion
. 6657

Theoretical framework of researching the role of universities in political socialization of the russian youth
. , . 6997

State regulation of market economy  All articles in the headings

The use of international financial multiplier in overcoming crisis developments
Winterholler A.V. , Winterholler N.V. 5914

Institutional-evolutionary approach to researching the national economic system development
Golovko M.V. 12906

Development of the interest cyclical fluctuations theory
Belkin V.A. , Poluyakhtov S.A. 7237

On certain principles of innovation in anti-crises policy implementation
Grebenkina V.A. 5094

Elaborating main development directions of the public support of small business system
Tarasova J.G. 6373

Current problems of educational services market: the russian and foreign practice   All articles in the headings

Households as a demand forming factor for educational establishments’ services
Маtafonov M.E. , Mokronosov A.G. , Prudnikov D.M. 6479

Incentive pay policy in the “employee-employer” relationship system of an economic entity (practice of the industrial enterprise of the ural region)
Kalabina E.G. 10063

Employers and universities: cooperative attitude
Bratishchenko D.V. , Vinokurov M.A. 6179

The classification of the factors affecting the formation of marketing strategy of university
Shemetova N.K. 14770

Demographic policy and problems of population reproduction  All articles in the headings

Organizational-legal and financial foundations of the demographic policy in the field of birth rate in the Russia regions
Shipunova O.V. 10069

Topical problems of material security of elderly people: sociological aspect
Kuvshinova O.A. 5951

Socio-economic territorial development   All articles in the headings

Enhancement of the modern economic federalism model in Russia as a precondition for local development
Bazhenov P.S. , Bazhenova E.V. , Danilova I.V. 6800

Vocational guidance as a priority of the active employment policy of the Tyumen region
Jack L.N. 6695

Multi-level research of the regional socio-economic development on the basis of innovation and reproduction indices
Gundorova M.A. , Mishchenko Z.V. , Fraimovich D.V. 5646

Marketing strategies of social management in the region
Akjulov R.I. 6692

Distinctive features of building institutional regional environment (as an example of banking)
Mishin N.O. 7078

Representation of system management in municipal entity Berdsk city of Novosibirsk region
Molotkov Y.I. , Moskvina N.N. 13458

Methods of formation and realization of cluster policy in the economy of an old industrial region
Trofimova O.M. 18617

Human capital of a municipal entity: notion and structure
Buranshina N.A. , Ivanova N.L. 30482

Sociological-managerial analysis of problems in the sphere of traffic safety control in conditions of city society
Bannyh G.A. , Kalinin I.A. 5726

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Terminological analysis of the notion “organization structure of management”
Kozlova K.A. 17174

Typology of organizational structure as a basic corporate institute
Isopeskul O.Y. 7060

Principles of building the image of an organization
Shubarina K.S. 21631

Arrangement of protection against seizures as a component of economic security of a company
Balashov A.I. 8875

Assessment of social effectiveness of personnel management in hotel business companies in Moscow
Zhukov I.M. 25680

Control of sectors, branches and network of national economy  All articles in the headings

Peculiarities of subject-object relations in management of cohesion of machine building enterprises
Krylatkov P.P. 8608

Management of deep-sea industrial fishing in Russia and abroad in conditions of transition to steady development
Tropnikova N.L. 6996

Conceptual aspects for improvement of strategic management by independent oil service companies
Shcheglov I.A. 12478

Administrative and criminal law  All articles in the headings

System of measures on corruption counteraction in the bodies of executive power of the RF subjects in the Ural Federal District
Kuleshov I.V. 11069

Ethnic deviations as a type of infringing activity
Zyukov A.V. , Nurutdinova A.M. 9049

Methodology and methods in theoretical-legal research of ethnic deviation behavior
Kuzmina N.V. 7839

Chronical of scientific life  All articles in the headings

Turgel I.D. 4002