Issue #3(16) сентябрь month 2011 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 16 February 2012г.

Power and politics  All articles in the headings

Transformation of federalism institution in conditions of political and administrative reform in modern russia
Gaiduk V.V. 7865

Methodological basis for determining the effectiveness and quality of the professional activities of state and municipal employees
Gorb V.G. 16843

The reformation of a symbol or the symbolic reform of power? (practical experience of the administrative reform in russia in 2005-2010)
Sonina E.O. 5803

The influence of mass media on the process of formation of civil society of kabardino-balkaria republic
Dzhantuyeva F.R. 10289

The human factor in ensuring informational security of automated electronic document management system: theory and practice of manifestation
Erkin A.V. 13688

Priest in the army: paradox of modernization in russia
Osipov O.V. 6562

On improving the role of educational institutions in the period of transition to public e-services in the region: exemplified by the kurgan region
Shilova T.S. 5238

State regulation of market economy  All articles in the headings

Institutional mechanism for realization of the russian economic interests in the countries of the caspian region
Kotilko V.V. 9494

Institutionally-economic bases of development of workmanship in russia
Gavrilov D.E. , Mokronosov A.G. 10447

Transformation algorithm of near border ideology in realties of practical activities
Bozhko L.L. 4694

Regional and municipal economy  All articles in the headings

On the problem of a test purchase of public services in a region (using infor-mation on ulyanovsk region)
Lapin E.A. , Khairov D.R. 4424

Implementation of new mechanisms for raising efficiency of budget expenses on a municipal level
Bystritskaya O.N. 5448

National regulation mechanism of innovative entrepreneurship in the city service sector
Medzhidov A.I. 9578

Perspectives of the development of land relations in project “Great Yekaterinburg”
Mikhailov A.A. 9023

Transformation of the flow and integration of the main problems of the ural federal area in the international labor market
Orudzhiyeva A.G. 8219

New approaches to the formation of a model of innovative development of rural territories
Ogloblin A.A. , Polbitsin S.N. , Polbitsyna L.G. 6549

Purpose and direction of the municipal fiscal policy in a budget reform
Kachanova E.A. 8334

Monocities of saratov region: social-economic problems and growth potential
Gusev V.V. 7870

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Formation of the methodology of controlling the strategic potential of industrial enterprises
Petrov P.A. 14686

Standartization of the process of customer’s service as an instrument of competitive advantages creation
Ivanova E.A. 14164

The organizational forms and methods of management in the network of implementation of trade-marketing programs at a venture of the regional alcohol scope
Kareva E.S. 10326

Complex of diagnostic procedures to monitor financial conditions of commercial organisations
Sergeyeva E.A. , Sologubova N.A. 10743

Theoretical aspects of marketing management in higher education
Shemetova N.K. 5591

Social structure, social institutes and processes  All articles in the headings

Connection of adolescents' socialization and conditions created for teaching staff in schools
Кvint S.V. 4577

problems of pension coverage of the elderly as a subject of sociological research
Kuvshinova O.A. 10010

Ideological foundations of social practices
Аntonova N.L. 5456

Sociology of management  All articles in the headings

Social factors of reforming higher military education: sociological research
Gridnev D.A. , Zerchaninova T.E. 8620

The social service system in modern russia (exemplified by the city of Moscow): sociological analysis
Malofeev I.V. 11670

Control and self-concept: specific features of interrelations and influences in the civil servants’ professional competencies model
Usova O.V. 7156

The concept and classifications of social controls
Skripkar M.V. 11064

Theory and history of state and law  All articles in the headings

Staff provision of justice system in the urals and the western siberia in the middle of xix century
Voropanov V.A. 4327

The civil right of chernigovskaya and poltavskaya provinces in russia in the first part of the xix century: sources and institutions
Taraborin R.S. 90812

Ural-kuzbass: between intention and realization. a view from another century
Feldman M.A. 5630

The system of public administration of the defense-industrial complex in the middle urals in 1957-1965
Budanov A.V. 7393

Municipal and civil law  All articles in the headings

General characteristics of legislation about the protection of competition of the countries – members of shanghai cooperation organisation
Istomin V.G. 11990

Principles of law enforcement activity of local self government as basic ideas determining its content and results
Efremova T.D. 7137