Issue #2(15) июнь month 2011 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 25 August 2011г.

Power and politics  All articles in the headings

Ivanchuk N.V. 7990

The Problem of mediation: structural and historical-genetic aspects
Ponomareva N.G. 11633

Mass media as the “soft power”
Kostareva E.A. 13270

The informational government transparency as the new strategy fighting with corruption
Botalova D.B. 10573

State reforming of social sphere  All articles in the headings

Some trends of healthcare management in Russia and abroad
Мishina O.S. , Starodubov V.I. 9965

The status of an intelligent and intellectual in conditions of authoritarianism of modern policy
Ilyin A.N. 6529

State regulation of market economy  All articles in the headings

Some aspects of tax stimulation in field of invention and rationalization
Shumyatskiy R.I. 13340

Non-traditional theories of periodicity: solar system cycle and economy development cycle
Belkin V.A. , Poluyakhtov S.A. 17028

Theoretic-methodological formulation in economic management in Russia: retrospective view
Morozova N.I. 7152

Regional and municipal economy  All articles in the headings

Assessment of long-term consequences of coal-mining industry restructuring in the Western Europe regions
Kuritseva Yu.E. , Turgel I.D. 7002

Network approach to cities development management: basic terms, key statements, ways of application
Meteleva E.R. 11907

Experience of regional development regulation in Kazakhstan republic
Moroy A.V. 6959

Organizational-economic mechanism for management of regional service cluster
Shnyakina Yu.R. 14675

Methodological recommendations for diagnosis and analysis of clusters in economy of an old industrial region
Trofimova O.M. 11354

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

Optimization of an industrial process at enterprises of small and medium entrepreneurship and its effectiveness in overcoming the crisis
Pak A.B. 11216

Peculiarities of making stable competitive advantages for retailing enterprises in conditions of the consumer’s market power
Ivanova E.A. 25552

Sociology of management  All articles in the headings

Influence of economic culture of clerks on effectiveness of public management
Andreyeva Yu.A. , Klimova G.G. 7271

On the ‘effectiveness’ notion in management process
Duran T.V. , Kostin V.A. 7119

Social efficiency of the regional target youth programs: social research practice
Zerchaninova T.E. , Pozdnyakova E.V. 9139

Sociology of youth  All articles in the headings

Determinants of the youth policy infrastructure: sociological research
Glukhova M.F. 7990

The evolution of marriage ideas in the student youth community (exemplifies by higher institutions of Ekaterinburg)
Aguinskaya T.I. 8668

The notion and content of the identification phenomenon in modern club communities
Аleksandrova A.V. 5132

The reform of higher education through the eyes of lecturers and students of the Ural universities: sociological analysis
Popov D.P. 8129

Compensatory concept of the national model of legal system - the necessity to the benefit of society and socialization of the growing generation
Кvint S.V. 4110

Social structure, social institutes and processes  All articles in the headings

Types of the active social behavior of local communities
Kiselyova A.M. 8669

Socio-cultural basics to analyze different regional ethnic communities
Pestova G.A. 5737

Demographic behavior of the population as a condition for the modernization of the industrial region
Akjulov R.I. , Akjulova E.I. 5744

Theoretical basics for researching governmental-religious interaction
Sukhorukov V.V. 6312

The system of national honorary awards of the RF in the context of institutional approach
Kostina N.B. , Ruchkin A.V. 8235

Administrative law  All articles in the headings

Main “language” issues of public (municipal) service in the Russian Federation
Borozdin M.S. , Tavashev V.A. 8072

About the necessity to improve Sverdlovsk oblast legislation in the sphere of public civil service issues
Dzyuba O.N. 7859

Legal responsibility for breaking election legislation: historical-legal aspect
Aladyin A.N. 9106

Theo ry and history of state and law   All articles in the headings

Civility views on methods of legislation systematization and their influence on M.M. Speranskiy
Bessonov V.V. 7148

Systematic approach in historical-legal investigations: peculiarities of application
Taraborin R.S. 8772

On the personal composition of the Board of Tobolsk and Tomsk province in the first quarter of XIX c.
Voropanov V.A. 5135

Scientific news of UAPA and its branches  All articles in the headings

Trofimova O.M. 4233