Issue #1(14) март month 2011 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 30 March 2011г.

State social and economic policy of CIS countries  All articles in the headings

Effectiveness assessment of regulating influence in the sphere of near-boarder cooperation
Bozhko L.L. 9901

Experience of economic anti-crisis management in the Central Asia countries
Novokshanova N.A. 10293

Regional and municipal economy  All articles in the headings

State regional policy and its role in the management of social-economic development of macro-region (exemplified by the Southern and North-Caucasian federal districts)
Moltchanova N.P. 15706

Trends and problems of retailing development in big cities of the Ural region
Turgel I.D. , Usova N.V. 16172

Assessment of effectiveness of government programs contributing employment in settlements
Kondrashova I.A. 6323

Principal directions of municipal anti-crisis economic policy
Tselishcheva E.F. 8042

Methods of municipal property control in urban districts: problems and perfection trends
Mikhailov A.G. 15870

Enterprise management  All articles in the headings

The theoretical basics of marketing concept of involving consumers into interaction with a brand
Okolnishnikova I.A. 28812

The experience of the Central electrotechnical laboratory “MMK” JSC on applying a system of fringe benefits and supplements to wages and salaries
Voronina L.P. , Dubov E.N. 21639

Improving the regulation and pay as management tools performance of industrial enterprises
Yershova I.V. , Markova J.N. 9126

The system of information analysis support of amortization policy in the current context
Bartkova N.N. , Krupina N.N. 10098

Sociology of management  All articles in the headings

Professional competence as part of manpower professional training system
Kokh I.A. , Orlov V.A. 16257

Methodological background of developing professional culture of a manager
Yakovleva N.A. 11344

An effective insurance manager: relation and influence of professional competency factors
Usova O.V. 8256

Administrative and criminal law  All articles in the headings

Commentary to new requirements, established by the draft Federal law “On police”, to citizens entering the police force
Bobrov A.M. 14554

Ethnic delinquencies and crime as a type of delinquently behavior: to organization of problem
Kuzmina N.V. 9414

The notion and features of a diplomatic public service officer
Denisov A.V. 9613

Scientific news of UAPA and its branches  All articles in the headings

Turgel I.D. , Shemetova N.K. 4837

Voropanov V.A. 5597

Kresin A.B. 6320