Issue #2(11) июнь month 2010 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 19 July 2010г.

Problems of security and society in modern Russia  All articles in the headings

Sphere of security of the russian society as an object of state regulation at the beginning of XXI century
Antoshin V.A. 13526

Problem of information security in the Russian federation
Bulatov S.A. 19630

Some aspects concerning the formation of a person of a secure type
Shestakov V.A. 10873

Topical issues of sociology of education  All articles in the headings

Civil society as an ordering customer of educational services
Fursov V.V. 6614

Students’ ideas about the quality of structure, process and result of education
Kalugina D.A. 7562

Activity and development of career centers in higher schools
Klimova G.G. 56536

Problems of graduates’ employment in the region
Kurina L.I. 7477

Job placement of higher professional schools graduates
Parfyonova I.S. 7429

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

State regulation and organization forms of innovative development of industrial enterprises
Yershova I.V. , Kopytov I.V. 10049

On the problem of innovative clusters development in the regional economy
Trofimova O.M. 38177

Makhmudova M.M. 9089

Level of enterprise competitiveness as a basic result of effectiveness of resources utilization
Bartkova N.N. , Krupina N.N. 33342

Economic aspects of managing integrity of an industrial enterprise
Krylatkov P.P. 10286

Civil and entrepreneurship law  All articles in the headings

Social functions of the russian civil law
Mamayev A.M. 14021

Peculiarities of legal regulation of competitive relations on the financial services market
Istomin V.G. 12492

Specific grounds of acquiring the right of state ownership to cultural values
Chelysheva N.Yu. 10608

The problems of regulating indemnification and compensation of damage caused by the unlawful acts of public authorities and the development tendencies
Chornovol E.P. , Chornovol O.E. 8852

Certain aspects of the livestock ownership right (to the issue of the legal regulation of livestock management)
Zakharov D.E. 7889

History and theory of State and law  All articles in the headings

The influence of the 1804 napoleon’s code on the development of the civil law of the european countries in the XIX century
Taraborin R.S. 18071

The development of the civil law science in Russia in the late XVIII and the early XIX century
Bessonov V.V. 10101

The practice of the fair courts in the Urals and Western siberia in the late XVIII – early XIX century
Voropanov V.A. 7169

Scientific news of UAPA and its branches  All articles in the headings