Issue #1(10) май month 2010 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 18 June 2010г.

Ideology and power in modern society  All articles in the headings

Federalism at work
Skavo K. , Tompson R. 6268

Idea of impire and “soft force”:world experience and the russian perspectives
Vapler Ya.V. , Gronskaya N.E. , Gusev A.S. , Korshunov D.S. , Makarytchev A.S. , Solntsev A.V. 14936

Legal foundations for fighting with poverty in international acts
Kozhevnikov D.E. 11558

Itinerary on the margin of unread history  All articles in the headings

Modernization or mobilization?
Loskutov V.A. 6479

Topical issues of public administration reforming  All articles in the headings

Determinationa of the role and place of testing and calculating bodies in improvement of executive discipline of executive bodies of power:modern problems and perspectives of their solution
Gontcharov V.V. 11315

Problems of developing civil service as a class from Peter I UP to the present moment
Katchelin A.S. 10693

Civil servents training in France
Gevart P. , Elkaim G.K. 9435

Money and credit policy and financial assets management  All articles in the headings

Another formal forecast of inflation: we again want to do it better
Belkin V.A. 9441

On the issue of money supply sufficiency indices and quality of money in economy
Malkina M.U. 18459

Portfolio of financial assets management on the basis of stochastic model of the market
Karatchun I.A. 11946

State and municipal regulation of property relations  All articles in the headings

Generel strategy of municipal property management: key aspects of its elaboration and realisation
Vassin V.V. , Fominykh K.A. 9654

On the issue of land relations in Russia in the light of the soviet land legislation
Korolev S.N. 5884

On the issue of land relations in Russia in the light of the soviet land legislation
Mikhailov A.A. , Razorvin I.V. 22843

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

The problems and perspectives of city marketing
Ritsher O.V. 4448

Formation of demand management mechanisms at the market of the city of Vladivostok
Pavlenko V.V. , Tereshchenko N.S. 4673

Methodical aspesctsof the internal marketing in service industry
Lisetchko N.A. 21674

Modern aspects of juridical science and practice  All articles in the headings

Current problems of combating transborder criminality by means of legal proceedings (basing on the reports of inquiry agencies of the border authorities of the FSS of Russia in the far Eastern federal district)
Sakhno D.A. 11221

Psycological and criminological analysis of the subjective part of the corpus delicti of extremist character
Kuzmina N.V. 11927