Issue #4(9) декабрь month 2009 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 09 December 2009г.

Real estate and land relations  All articles in the headings

Land tenure regulation in a municipal entity: the Russian experience
Antipin I.A. 19067

Peculiarities of development of hypothecary services in the modern economy
Loginov M.P. 10002

Content-analysis of correspondence of the land committee in the Administration of Ekaterinburg city responsibilities to the RF land legislation
Mikhailov A.A. 10512

Legal aspects of state and municipal service  All articles in the headings

Place of diplomatic service in the system of the RF public service
Denisov A.V. , Kuleshov I.V. 20546

Reconciliation of the interests conflict in the system of municipal service
Slyusarenko T.V. 18643

Main outcomes of the reforms of the local public administration and the local government in Great Britain
Langinen A.V. 13910

Modern problems of organization theory  All articles in the headings

Corporate culture diagnostics at enterprises of Ekaterinburg
Manko N.S. 23073

Managing the personnel development system of a heavy machinery building corporation
Babilurova N.G. , Zerchaninova T.E. 35080

Social-economic development of Russia within the context of anti-crisis management   All articles in the headings

Methodical aspects of cities' rehabilitation at the descending stage of functional specialization life cycle
Turgel I.D. 9261

Social development trends of single-industry towns with the town-forming enterprise
Kokh I.A. 11725

Evaluation of tactical crisis management in conditions of instability
Mishanina O.A. 8044

Theoretical precondiotions for forming territorial-industrial systems in the region
Trofimova O.M. 13100

Sociology of youth and health  All articles in the headings

Organization of medical care in the rural areas: sociological analysis
Zuev V.I. , Tchevtayeva N.G. , Shipilovskaya O.A. 10910

The change of the doctors’ social status in the course of the “Health” national project implementation
Semakova O.S. , Khodyrev V.N. 9363

Theoretical-methodological approaches to the problem of studying youth leadership
Ibragimova A.S. 7539

History  All articles in the headings

Napoleon’s code of 1804: historical and legal characteristics
Taraborin R.S. 22764

Establishing the complex of personal awards of the russian empire (late XVII – middle XVIII centuries)
Pestova G.A. , Ruchkin A.V. 6780

Chronicles of scientific life in UAPA and its branches  All articles in the headings