Issue #2(7) июнь month 2009 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 24 June 2009г.

  All articles in the headings

The Russian national identity: social and ideological basis of politics
Vatoropin A.S. 7953

Contemporary Russia in the mirror of the western perception of civic consciousness and extremism
Aivazyan A.A. , Olkhovikov K.M. 6099

International image of Russia in multipolar world
Afonasova A.V. 13368

Demography and population  All articles in the headings

The problems of demographic ageing as a factor of population life potential
Akjulov R.I. , Akjulova E.I. 10471

The problems of using the demographic and labour potential of population of municipal entities in staropromyshlennyi region (exampifies by Municipal area of Kizelovskyi coal basin)
Kuritseva Yu.E. , Turgel I.D. 11409

Economy of services  All articles in the headings

Classification features and types of service in modern economy
Kuvshinov A.M. , Tsybulevskaja N.A. 21504

Forming a modern concept of services marketing
Lisetchko N.A. , Razorvin I.V. 21883

Essence and contents of services provided by accommodation means
Malyuk T.A. , Peshina E.V. , Samyshkina G.N. 18412

Theoretical aspects of synergetics in the sphere of hypothecary services
Loginov M.P. 9324

Educational services branding: notion, peculiarities and basic elements
Spirina N.A. 9657

Modern problems of management  All articles in the headings

About possibility of using ethological approach in forecasting and controlling the development of regional industry (on the example of development of electric power system in the Western Siberia oil and gas complex)
Ivanov A.M. 6355

Marking as an effective marketing technology for comparative analysis of efficiency
Ivanova E.A. , Razorvin I.V. 21844

Methodological accompanying of the process of diagonal integration in the form of holding
Vyshegorodskiy D.V. , Trofimova O.M. 12483

System of social-labor relations  All articles in the headings

Social and labor relations in Tchelyabinsk oblast: history and problems
Khmara Yu.N. 7252

Power structures and workers in the Urals by 1917 (history-graphical and historical aspects)
Feldman M.A. 5151