Issue #1(6) март month 2009 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 08 April 2009г.

Political institutes and social stratification  All articles in the headings

Interaction of state and mass media as social-institutional mechanism of the civil society delelopment in Russia
Shilova T.S. 10885

Constitutional values - development basis of the contemporary russian society
Bezuverova N.V. 11087

Risks of development of the social stratification system in the sverdlovsk region
Barazgova E.S. , Vandyshev M.N. 6609

Modern interpretations of management culture by traditional society of kazakhs
Shahanov E.A. 6050

Sociology of youth and education  All articles in the headings

Education in Russia: toward innovation
Semenov Yu.G. 5835

Risk in creative activites of the youth: sociological aspect
Balynskaya N.R. , Koptseva O.A. 6672

Social research of education process at the uapa department of re-training public and municipal servants
Bobrova O.V. , Kolesnikova K.L. , Sonina E.O. 9079

Social-economic development of municipal entities in the Russian Federation  All articles in the headings

Theoretic approaches to anti-crisis policy implementation by municipalities in conditions of the cyclic development of economy
Mishanina O.A. , Turgel I.D. 10528

Improvement of theoretical basics of the public and municipal financial control in the aspect of reforming public management in finaces
Danilenko N.I. 25278

Strategy of intermunicipal cooperation of municipal unions
Grichyk A.G. , Salomatin V.A. 8821

Analysis of the structural changes of a local budget under the reform of local goverment(examplified by NIZHNYI TAGIL)
Baida N. , Kachanova E.A. , Korovina A. , Sukhova E. , Chudinova Yu. 11672

Economics and management  All articles in the headings

The problems of managing financial potential of enterprises in the field of tourism from the point of competitiveness
Izrailev A.A. , Korotina N.Ju. 17140

Specific features of carrying out swot analysis in market research of the russian enterprises
Ivanova E.A. 31476

The problems of defining customs value of the imported into the rf goods under "DAF" terms of delivery
Chernonozhkin S.V. 7482

Resistance of State authorities to organized crime   All articles in the headings

Criminal liability foraiding organized criminal groups under the criminal codes of the Ukraine and Russia
Danilevskii A.A. 5366

On the object of anti-corruption expertise of legal acts and their drafts
Butadarov S.M. 8446

The problems of combating corruption in the bodies of local goverment
Plenkin V.A. 15756

Theory and history of state and law  All articles in the headings

Public councils in Russia and France in the first quarter of the 19th century
Taraborina Y.V. 7607

Strengthening of the legal and political status of the Bessarabian region as part of the Russian empire: experience in applying constitutionalism
Krasnyakov N.I. 5421

The system of training academic staff at russian universities under the universities statuses1863 and 1884
Ivkina T.V. , Podolskaya I.A. 10752

Itinerary on the margin of unread history  All articles in the headings

Loskutov V.A. 6115

Scientific creativity of students  All articles in the headings

Methodology and methods of assessing social efficiency of the local administration activities in social sphere (in Nizhnaya Salda , Sverdlovsk region)
Samkov K.N. 18428