Issue #4(5) декабрь month 2008 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 25 December 2008г.

Political philosophy – in the search of the answer to modern problems of state and society development  All articles in the headings

Historical and philosophical experience of understanding the problems concerning interaction of the civil society and the state with the help of intersubjectiveness using Gegel’s works as an example
Tebenyova I.A. 6503

Philosophical and historical foundations of I.A.Iliyn’s anthropological interpretation of Gegel’s philosophy
Kolomeitseva T.S. 6751

Fredrick Nietzsche as a conceptual character of L. Shestov’s philosophy
Zhiltsova E.A. 6247

Notes on the margin  All articles in the headings

Loskutov V.A. 5255

State regulation of market economy in the period of crisis  All articles in the headings

Foreign investments in Russia: problems of development of the state control system
Tsyganov S.I. 10621

Anti crisis strategies and models of the system of mortgage housing financing in Russia
Loginov M.P. 12469

State control of pricing and its peculiarities in the conditions of macroeconomic instability
Kashirskih N.I. 10617

New models of social world: in search of what you’ve lost  All articles in the headings

The main approaches towards interpretation of the notion of intersection social partnership in the modern world
Sobtchuk N.V. 28247

A problem of poverty in depressive areas and the ways of its solution
Karimov A.G. 13016

City marginal culture: its definition and essence
Migashkina M.B. 9449

Modern problems of organization theory  All articles in the headings

Arrangement of management system in a holding
Vyshegorodskiy D.V. , Trofimova O.M. 24355

Technologies of development and changes in organozation culture
Andreyeva Yu.A. 48311

The problems of business comunication in a company
Raikova E.V. 32638

Topical issues of the development of the Russian higher education system  All articles in the headings

Formation of higher educational institution brand (on an example of UAPA) taking into account the theory «4D BRANDING»: practical aspect
Spirina N.A. 10225

The development of the higher military education: problems and perspectives
Gridnev D.A. 10208

Modern aspects of juridical science and practice  All articles in the headings

Comparative legal analysis of organised crime and terrorism
Grigoryev A.A. 12755

Diffeneces of the measures of legal proceedings on administrative offences form other measures of legal administrative COercion
Khvastunov K.V. 15226

Specific features of legal proceedings on administrative offences against foreigners by bodies of federal migration agency
Tretyakova J.Yu. 11487

Issues of state and law theory  All articles in the headings

Power and population in the russian province: the experience of collaboration in local administrative and Judicialbodies (the last quarter of the XVIII century)
Voropanov V.A. 4404

The influence of the russian french relations on legal political development of Russia in the first half of the XIX century
Taraborina Y.V. 11257

Chronicles of scientific life in UAPA and its branches  All articles in the headings



Scientific creativity of students  All articles in the headings

Global crises and the perspectives of changing the world economy leader
Budlyanskaya D.D. , Rudeva T.N. 7596

Способы и механизмы взаимодействия субъектов специализированного сетевого сообщества нефтепроводной системы Восточная Сибирь – Тихий океан
Nikitina A.S. 6881