Issue #2(3) июнь month 2008 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 22 July 2008г.

Ideology and power in modern Russia  All articles in the headings

Democratization of the Russian Society and Establishing of National Ideology in the context of the State Information policy
Alexandrov A.A. , Afonasova A.V. , Dubichev V.R. 7710

The idea of state sovereign; the long way and national interests of russia
Antoshin V.A. 8452

The Problems of Deformation of Political Systems
Suslov M.G. 6202

Legitimation of Power: Morphology of a Resource Potential
Saharov A.V. 8651

Virtualization of management: state, economy, environment  All articles in the headings

Reality of Virtualisation of State Government
Bannyh G.A. 8070

Argumantation of innovative machanisms of network economy management in Russia
Ryabtsun V.V. 11973

Local Internet community: rizomorphism and network concept of structure
Skuratov A.B. 10591

Sociology of civil and military service  All articles in the headings

Comparative analysis of public servants motivating: contemporary foreign experience for practising in Russia
Vassiljeva E.I. 25582

Contemporary staff technologies in state and municipal service and new quakity of state power
Prokopjeva V.G. 32497

Factors of professional socialisation of military high schools
Digin S.N. , Zyrjanov S.G. 7723

Innovative methods of social and economic systems management  All articles in the headings

Social marketing as an innovative method of social sphere managing: municipal aspect
Durandina O.V. , Razorvin I.V. 21837

Innovative development as a factor of improving of the Kurgan oblast competitiveness
Maslova L.M. 6670

The formation of clusters in the agricultural sector as a way to effective regional development
Polbitsyna L.G. 12578

Legal issues of management  All articles in the headings

The state financial control on federal budget resources spending, emitted in the form of intergovernmental transfers
Milenina N.S. 13217

Current approach to defining corruption in public sphere
Veibert S.I. 23430

Problems of training and education of managerial human resources  All articles in the headings

Mathematical training of future economists, government and municipal employees as their essential factor of the professional education.
Semushina E.I. 8110

Chronicles of scientific life in UAPA and its branches  All articles in the headings

Научная работа в неформальной обстановке
Fedotov V. 4270

Международный круглый стол по проблеме «Имперский фактор в политико-правовом развитии: государство и этносы»
Krasnyakov N.I. 4613

Обсуждение проблем административной реформы и реформы государственной службы в правительстве ХМАО
Makovkina N.A. 4881

Гранты Российского гуманитарного научного фонда – ученым УрАГС
Makovkina S.A. 4535

Что век грядущий нам готовит…
Balynskaya N.R. 5255

Итоги VI региональной научно-практической студенческой конференции Челябинского института (филиала) УрАГС «Современные проблемы развития России: взгляд студенчества»
Nechaeva S.V. 6358

О работе центра истории государственных и муниципальных органов власти челябинского института (филиала) Уральской академии государственной службы
Novosevol V.N. 4558

Scientific creativity of students  All articles in the headings

Legislative regulation on attraction and employment of foreign citizens arriving in the Russian Federation on non-visa basis
Skorobogatskaya A.V. 5562

Problems of defining the status of religious organisations in modern Russia
Sukhorukov V.V. 6837

The problems of ural setlements and possible ways of solving the above problems in the framework of programme "the ural village" based on alapaevsk region
Karymova L.S. 8584