Issue #1(2) март month 2008 year.

Дата публикации электронной версии: 08 April 2008г.

Social and political aspects of institutional transformation  All articles in the headings

Soviet socialism – what was it?
Loskutov V.A. 7655

Party genesis in Russia: basic problems and perspectives for development
Soldatchenkova N.S. 8073

Property as a system of social institutions: a formulation of the problem
Ivanchuk N.V. , Popova Y.A. , Fateeva O.P. 11624

1991 Privatisation Laws: the absence of public debate as an indicator of the readiness of Soviet society for radical change
Rastorguev A.P. 6179

Corruption: history, causes, strategies for the fight
Krasikov V.I. 11654

Municipal finances control  All articles in the headings

Problems and perspectives for the implementation of results-oriented budgeting in the practice of the management of state and municipal finances
Ushakov V.A. 11669

Specific aspects of local budgeting in monofunctional municipalities in the conditions of local government reform
Kachanova E.A. 11167

Monitoring of the reform of the financial and economic foundations of local self-government
Tselishcheva E.F. 9004

Discussion tribune  All articles in the headings

Turgel I.D. 5691

Poltavets A.V. 5021

A study of territorial asymmetry in allocation of regional financial resources and property rights
Malyshev A.V. 6718

The policy of territorial levelling of social and economic development municipal formations in the Sverdlovsk oblast: in statu nascendi
Pobedin A.A. 10352

Sociology of youth and education  All articles in the headings

Methodological potential of classical sociology's conception of education
Kostina T.V. 7923

Staffing for youth policy, or work with young people as a sphere of professional activity
Lapina E.A. 7873

Requirements in the education of the young people of Langepas: contradictions in the conditions of formation and realisation
Sharonina N.P. 6297

The role of the mass media in the progress of development of youth culture (the example of the mass media in magnitogorsk)
Balynskaya N.R. 8083

Problems of training and education of managerial human resources  All articles in the headings

A personnel reserve of masters students
Vishnevskaya A.V. 4780

A solution to the problem of training officers in civilian higher education institu
Shepelev O.Yu. 6684

Education as a modernization factor   All articles in the headings

The level of education of industrial workers in USSR and USA from the end of the 1950s to the end of the 1980s.
Feldman M.A. 6795

History and theory of State and law  All articles in the headings

Acts of systematisation of legislation: their place and role in the system of sources of Russian law
Kodan S.V. 25806

Scientific life of UAPA  All articles in the headings

Academic activity at UAPA in 2007 and medium-term priorities for its development
Turgel I.D. 4740

News from UAPA branches  All articles in the headings

UAPA Magnitogorsk branch: Celebrating the anniversary academically
Balynskaya N.R. 4396

The third conference of young academics and specialists in Perm
Samoilov A.N. 3769

Scientific creativity of students  All articles in the headings

A detailed conception of an careers service at UAPA on the basis of a study of the labour market of Ekaterinburg
Ustinov A.Yu. 4797