Kachanova E.A.

Doctor of Economics, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Ural Institute of Management - branch, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (Russia)

Articles of the author:

Methodological approaches to the content and structure of functions of state regulation of health care as economic activity in the national economy
Zakharova E.N., Kachanova E.A., Tchevtayeva N.G.

The systematization of concepts of economic crisis in schools of economic thought: from the marxian economics to the post-keynesian economics
Kachanova E.A., Kinash A.E.

Algorithm of risk-management forming in the project management of a large industrial enterprise
Islamova S.T., Kachanova E.A.

Improvement of risk management standards in enterprise activities
Islamova S.T., Kachanova E.A.

On the efficiency assessment of the budgetary process structuring on the territory of the Russian federation subject in the context of limited financial resources
Kachanova E.A., Matochkin R.V., Tchevtayeva N.G.

Managing profitable educational institutions: comparative experience of the Ural federal district
Kachanova E.A., Kuznetsova E.V.

Issues of methodology and practice of implementing budgetary policies by local governments
Kachanova E.A., Matveeva E.V.

The practice of the budget sector reform implementation in the Ural Federal District
Zhilina E.A., Kachanova E.A.

Methodology for assessing performance objectives and functions of the central bank of the Russian Federation
Kachanova E.A., Krasnogor V.B.

Assessment of the budget and the fiscal multiplier for the planning of public-legal entities of Russia in the medium term
Kachanova E.A.

Purpose and direction of the municipal fiscal policy in a budget reform
Kachanova E.A.

Usage pattern for the methods of tariff regulation in the sphere of housing and public utilities on the level of a municipal unit
Gridneva O.A., Kachanova E.A.

Analysis of the structural changes of a local budget under the reform of local goverment(examplified by NIZHNYI TAGIL)
Baida N., Kachanova E.A., Korovina A., Sukhova E., Chudinova Yu.

Specific aspects of local budgeting in monofunctional municipalities in the conditions of local government reform
Kachanova E.A.