Rostovskaya T.K.

Articles of the author:

Realization of the public family policy in subjects of the Russian Federatsa: the experience of the Stavropol territory
Bezverbnaya N.A., Rostovskaya T.K.

The health of youth of kazakhstan and russia as a pledge of the solution of demographic problems
Abdrashitova A.H., Karpovskaya E.E., Rostovskaya T.K.

Socio-political global and russian evolution: dialectics and development vectors
Egorychev A.M., Levashov V.K., Rostovskaya T.K.

Social roles of the man in the modern society
Rostovskaya T.K., Shimanovskaya Ya.V.

Targets, and strategic directions of the youth policy of the russian parliamentary parties
Malik E.N., Rostovskaya T.K.

Culture of interethnic communication among students (analysis of the sociological research)
Petrova T.E., Rostovskaya T.K.

Methodological approaches to assessing and forecasting human capacity of youth policy
Rostovskaya T.K., Fomina S.N.

Organizational-legal mechanisms of improving professional competences of youth outreach specialists
Rostovskaya T.K., Fomina S.N.

Professional education of specialists working with youth: development genesis
Rostovskaya T.K., Fomina S.N.

Improving the efficiency and quality of education and skill-building of a specialist on work with youth
Rostovskaya T.K.

Imagery of the young Russian people about family life: sociological aspect
Kuchmayeva O.V., Rostovskaya T.K.

The role of social technologies in developing family values among young people
Rostovskaya T.K.

Youth as strategic socio-demographic resources of Russia and the European Union
Rostovskaya T.K.