Razorvin I.V.

Articles of the author:

Management of the institutional marketing system in russian agricultural complex
Bardasova N.V., Razorvin I.V.

Marketing communications management in the field of audit services provision
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Segmenting consumer markets of major cities in the Ural region as a tool of formation of marketing priorities for their development
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Institutional problems of public management of the economy
Razorvin I.V., Rozhkov E.V.

Strategic management as a tool for identifying and forming marketing capacity of socio-economic development of a large city
Kulikova E.S., Razorvin I.V., Usova N.V.

Definition of efficiency of social services provision – innovative way of management of social systems
Durandina O.A., Razorvin I.V.

Innovative marketing technologies in municipal management
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Methodical approaches to efficiency appraisal of marketing activity on social services market
Razorvin I.V., Shemetova N.K.

Social marketing technologies in municipal management
Durandina O.V., Razorvin I.V.

The influence of bankruptcy processes in farming sector on major macroeconomic indices
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On the issue of land relations in Russia in the light of the soviet land legislation
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Comparative analysis of services distribution channels
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Forming a modern concept of services marketing
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Marking as an effective marketing technology for comparative analysis of efficiency
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